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only_the_goods's Journal

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showing all of your sexy goods

- This is an Adult Community, you need your birthday (dd/mm/yyyy) in your profile for us to see. If it is not shown then we will not accept you to post.
- Post anything you would like; stories, pics, surveys
- No posts showing people your amazon wish list, or any other personals, there are other communities for that.
- No illegal posts, such as child porn. If i see it, you will be banned and reported.
- Be nice to everyone who posts, it takes some people very little to post pics and it takes others alot to get over a fear they may have so be nice.

After you join up with us, please post this survey:

1. Name:

2. Age:

3. Sexual affiliation:

4. Turn ons:

5. Turn offs:

6. Thing that you love to have done to you:

7. Things that you love to do to others:

8. Favorite position:

9. Favorite place to fuck:

10. When was the last time you had sex:

11. Greatest song to fuck to:

12. Naughtiest thing you have done:

13. Naughtiest thing you have had done to you:

14. Favorite toy:

15. Post a pic of yourself, it can be dirty or clean. Just dont post fake pictures.
Have fun everyone, enjoy looking at the pics, and be nice. =]