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Hello people.

1. Name: Dr. Frisky. (Real life initials: KS)

2. Age: 27 year old

3. Sexual affiliation: Straight male.

4. Turn ons: Licking, poking, fingering, sucking, tasting, touching, groping, fucking, pinching, spanking. And more, I'm quite sure.

5. Turn offs: Only the extreme stuff.

6. Thing that you love to have done to you: Lots of things, but nowadays, snowballing.

7. Things that you love to do to others: Make them cum as much as possible. And may be make 'em laugh in between.

8. Favorite position: All, but am partial to watching a woman bouncing on top of me.

9. Favorite place to fuck: The bed, purely due comfort reasons. Though the shower is a nice place too.

10. When was the last time you had sex: Ouch, too much time has passed.

11. Greatest song to fuck to: None. I like to hear her moan, scream, cry and groan.

12. Naughtiest thing you have done: Too many to list here. But off the top of my head, I licked her armpits and the back of her knees.

13. Naughtiest thing you have had done to you: Not enough nasty things have been done to me.

14. Favorite toy: Her body.

15. Post a pic of yourself, it can be dirty or clean. Just dont post fake pictures.
Have fun everyone, enjoy looking at the pics, and be nice. =] Will post soon :)
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